Justin Lewis
CBS2 Meteorologist

We’re looking at a far better afternoon than yesterday with sunshine and a few clouds in the mix. Expect highs right around 80° with less humid conditions.

nu tu skycast 3d today 10/10 CBS2 Tuesday Afternoon Weather Headlines

It will be mostly clear to partly cloudy tonight as we await our next system. Temps will be running slightly cooler than last night with lows in the low 60s with 50s north and west.

Clouds will spill into the area tomorrow with increasing rain chances into the afternoon and evening. Highs will be nearly 10° cooler than today in the low 70s.

jl morning lows map 10/10 CBS2 Tuesday Afternoon Weather Headlines

As for Thursday, after an early chance of rain, we’ll see partial sunshine with even cooler highs in the mid 60s.