NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Knicks on Tuesday announced their first jersey sponsor.

Squarespace has signed on to be a “signature marketing partner” with Madison Square Garden, placing the website-building company’s logo on the left shoulder of game jerseys.

“We’re excited to have Squarespace as a part of our team. Anthony, it’s going to be exciting for us,” Knicks president Steve Mills said at a news conference, directing his comments to Squarespace founder Anthony Casalena. “And it’s a partnership that we think is important for you guys to be the first patch to be on our uniforms because I think we believe in the same kinds of things.

“Just as your company gives grinding entrepreneurs an opportunity to express their vision of where they’d like to see their vision go and their companies go, that’s what we try to provide with the young men that play for our team, to give them a foundation and give them a culture and give them a support system that allows them to develop into great basketball players in a winning organization.”

New York Knicks Unveil Jersey Partnership

The new Knicks jersey with Squarespace sponsorship (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Squarespace’s logo will also appear on practice jerseys, and the partnership includes other advertising opportunities, including for Squarespace-powered small businesses. The Knicks did not say how much Squarespace is paying for the sponsorship or how long the agreement is for.

The jerseys will make their debut in a game Friday night when the Knicks host the Washington Wizards in a preseason contest.

The NBA announced last year it was beginning to sell jersey sponsorships, becoming the first major North American sports league to put partners’ logos on players’ uniforms.

Other NBA sponsorships include the Brooklyn Nets and the software company Infor, the Philadelphia 76ers and StubHub, the Orlando Magic and Disney and the Cleveland Cavaliers and Goodyear.