By John Friia

Football season is ramping up and fans are heading to MetLife Stadium to see if Gang Green can make their way to the Super Bowl. Be sure to visit these new eateries inside the stadium during halftime some for game time grub.

The Fat Rooster
Section 317, Toyota Club & Touchdown Club

Football fans craving a touchdown-worthy chicken sandwich can stop by The Fat Rooster. With three locations throughout MetLife Stadium, the eatery serves their new signature Fat Rooster Hot Chicken Sandwich, which a 24-hour buttermilk and hot sauce brine chicken breast with pickles, apple cider slaw and honey aioli on a Hawaiian bun. Besides the sandwich, people can devour the Fat Rooster Loaded Fries or the Skin-On Topped Fries in garlic parmesan or spicy chipotle.

Barbecue Shack 
MetLife Central

Fans who didn’t satisfy their barbecue appetite during tailgating should visit the Barbecue Shack. Offering some mouthwatering grub, the stand makes their signature The P3 Pulled Pork Platter. The dish is made with pork butt smoked for hour with a dry rub, smoked sausage and smoked slab bacon. The platter is also topped with Carolina BBQ sauce, cole slaw, white bread and a corn muffin.

Grater Mac Shop
Toyota Club & Touchdown Club

One of America’s most beloved comfort food is being served with a twist inside MetLife Stadium. Grater Mac Shop boasts two locations and serves an array of mac and cheese with different toppings. Among the four styles, including the All American with season beef and caramelized onions, Mexi Veg with charred corn and hot peppers and the ML Metal Lovers with sausage, meatballs and pepperoni. For people wanting a traditional mac and cheese, they can order the Melting Pot made with mozzarella, blue cheese and American cheese.

Global Pie 
Section 106

While there are many savory options, there is one dessert shop returning for the new football season. Global Pie offers a variety of sweets, but the S’Mores Pie is one that will take fans back to their childhood sitting around the campfire. Filled with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate, the pie is held together in a flaky pastry shell. Apple lovers can indulge on the Brandy Apple Pie, which is a mashup of a traditional Apple turnover and an apple strudel.

Sushi Station
Toyota Club & Touchdown Club

Elevating the Game Day bite, Sushi Station offers a seafood option for football fans. There is a create your own sushi bowls with a salmon or tuna base and then finished with a mixture of toppings and sauces. Other options available are the Crispy Shrimp Burrito with tempura shrimp, crab, avocado and Sriracha aioli wrapped in soy paper or the Salmon Dynamite with spicy mayo, spicy tuna and masago.

John Friia is a freelance journalist and native New Yorker writing about food, drinks and lifestyle. You can follow his adventures on Instagram.