TUCKERTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Parents in a New Jersey school district are demanding answers over worries their high school is making them sick.

From respiratory issues to rashes, student have been coming down with all kinds of symptoms.

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CBS2’s Jessica Layton was there as school board members were in their respective hot steads Wednesday night, forced to face fired up moms and dadss.

“This is so damn frustrating,” one concerned father said. “We don’t know where to turn. Would somebody take responsibility that something went wrong?”

The parents say anyone would be passionate too if they were worried about their children’s school was making them sick.

“Goes to school perfectly fine, comes home sick,” mother Theresa Femiano said.

One mom said her daughter had constant coughing and headaches.

Since the new school year started, other kids at Pinelands Regional High have complained of burning in their chests, even rashes. Parents fear construction connected to an ongoing roof project has contaminated the building, causing the symptoms.

Many are outraged the ceiling tiles have actually fallen in classrooms, spewing dust.

Stacy Caban and her husband kept their son, a senior, home from school Wednesday, causing him to miss the PSAT’s.

“I’m not sending them back until I have written proof in hand saying it’s safe,” she told CBS2.

Officials did their best to quell concerns.

“Understand no one up here even considers putting anyone in jeopardy,” District Business Administrator Stephen Brennan said.

The school district did its best on damage control, after closing the school for four days for more air quality tests. Board members tried assuring parents Wednesday night with presentations and experts saying the building is safe.

But the crowd didn’t buy it.

Several parents told CBS2 that with so many questions, they feel conflicted between keeping their kids home and making sure they get their education. Some say they’ll be sending their kids to school wearing a mask.