HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police in Westchester are searching for a busy smash-and-grab burglar who hit five different businesses, even a local fire department, all in one night.

As CBS2’s Brian Conybeare reported, the hungry suspect was apparently after cash and food.

They’re still cleaning up the damage from the rash of break-ins all within two blocks in downtown Hastings on Hudson.

“Complete disaster. The place was destroyed,” Tammy Cicalo said.

Cicalo was the first to call police when she got to work, early Wednesday morning at the Hastings Center Restaurant on Warburton Ave where the suspect destroyed several cash registers, stole more than $1,000 and went after fruit and pastries in a display case.

“In Hastings it’s very odd. It’s never heard of, businesses don’t get broken into, let alone two or three or four in the same evening, it doesn’t happen,” she said.

The busy burglar also shattered the back door of a stationary store, but didn’t get inside.

Police said he hit an architect’s office down the street, again smashing his way in through a rear window, eating food, and ransacking the office.

“It’s frightening, I feel one of the things we value about this community is the feeling of safety,” Linda Fiorillo said.

The burglar broke into the fire house through his back window. Once inside he stole a flat screen TV, a frozen turkey, and some hot dogs.

“It’s bizarre! I’m here 11 years living and working in the neighborhood. It’s just bizarre, something like unheard of,” Guy Dellaria said.

The suspect actually left the hot dogs on the street in front of the diner, along with a stolen telephone.

He stashed a partially eaten pie and grapefruit out back.

“I guess you get hungry after breaking into so many places, you know. It’s a lot of work I suppose,” Aaron Shade said.

The owner of one deli said a suspicious man with a cut on his arm came in asking to use the phone at about the same time as the break ins. Police think he may have been their starving suspect.

Police said they have surveillance video of the possible suspect, but have not released it yet.