1010 WINS- Though it may seem like this toddler is enjoying his new toy at first, things take a turn.

Two-year-old Weston was gifted a ‘Feisty Pets’ toy from his mom, Jessica Mags. “I originally wanted to purchase the toy last holiday season, but it was sold out, and then I forgot about it entirely,” she said.

“But it popped up in my newsfeed that it was on sale, so I purchased one.”

The toys are known for the funny facial animations. The animated toy goes from a cute expression to terrifying in a matter of seconds, so when the pet’s face went scary, Weston was ready to run for the hills.

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2-year-old Weston (Credit: Jessica Mags)

Jessica said, “he has no fear whatsoever, so I really thought he’d find it funny.”

The hysterical video gathered over 15-million views in just a day, and even better, Weston is in on the laughs!

“Weston can’t stop watching the video of himself and finds it really funny,” she said. “he really enjoys that he’s able to make us all laugh so hard.”

But if this is how Weston reacted to the toy, we wonder what he’ll be like for Halloween!

Kayla Jardine