NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – ‘No parking’ is a message all too familiar to anyone who drives in New York City.

The NYPD will post temporary notices for events like parades and movie shoots. But signs on Third Street near Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – with no official city markings – are making many wonder: Can they be real?

“I really can’t say,” one man said.

“Clearly it’s a fake sign, right?” another asked.

“Well a lot of times they’re pink or blue,” another man added.

“It doesn’t look official, no it doesn’t,” said Armando Velazquez, who had to step out of his car to get a closer look. “It’s a strain on us trying to park out here. This is like a constant problem in the Williamsburg section.”

CBS2 called the phone number that’s listed and met Jordan Reeves. His LGBTQ advocacy group, Video Out, is holding a block party Saturday at Berry Playground on Third Street.

“I did make the signs. I talked with the 90th Precinct,” he told Bauman. “They OK-ed me making the signs, they are bringing barricades.”

CBS2 called police to follow up on his claim. A spokesperson said the ‘no parking’ signs are not authorized by the NYPD and under no circumstances are people ever allowed to post their own traffic signs.

“So there’s a random person out there just randomly making signs?” one man asked.

Reeves told Bauman the signs were intended to be more of a warning than a restriction.

“I think it’s shady taking advantage,” another man said.

Whatever his intentions, you never want to mess with a driver searching for street parking.