1010 WINS-We’ve all heard of the ‘blushing bride’ — but a weeping groom is something truly special to behold.

As 27-year-old Quintin Reed awaited his wife-to-be Ashleigh at the altar on their wedding day at Missouri’s Cottleville Wine Seller on October 7th, he couldn’t control his emotions. When the time came for Quintin to finally see Ashleigh walk down the aisle, he instantly became overwhelmed with happiness.

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(Photo courtesy of Mindy Miles Photography)

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In cell phone video captured from just behind Ashleigh’s mother and grandmother, which she posted online, you can see Quintin bend over and receive a pat on the back from his best man at the very moment his tears start to fall.

Quentin throws his hands up into the sky and cover his mouth with his hands as he tries to contain himself, but his feeling certainly get the best of him when he collapses to the ground in pure joy with his hands covering his face.

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Ashleigh too can be seen flush with emotion when she glimpses her future husband’s waterworks.

A million congratulations to the happy couple!

(Photo courtesy of Mindy Miles Photography)


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-Joe Cingrana