1010 WINS- Watch out, because it’s raining pumpkins– at least in this town in Canada!

The Black Fox Farm in Sakatoon, Saskatchewan had their annual pumpkin smash to raise money for the Sakatoon Firefighters Pediatric Fund.

This year, they dropped a pumpkin that weighed over 1,300 pounds on a car and the car really loses the fight. It’s clear everyone had a smashing good time watching the drop!

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They also filled another pumpkin with candy, but this isn’t like any pinata you’ve ever seen. In classic tradition, they dropped the pumpkin from a crane. Once it hit the ground, candy spewed everywhere, sending every kid in the surrounding area to sprint to the sugary treasure.

Fiona Odlum told 1010 WINS that “it was the third annual and has become one of the must-see events to kick off the Halloween season.”

The Black Fox Farm loves to host the fun. “They grow their own gourds just for this event,” she said.

This fundraiser really is squash goals!

-Kayla Jardine