1010 WINS-Any mom will tell you that breastfeeding is a commitment that affects all aspects of life, even running errands. So when Chris Lopez, a mom of two from California began leaking through her shirt while out shopping with her kids, her boyfriend did something hilariously unexpected to make her feel more comfortable.

Not afraid being embarrassed, Cee Grant, made his shirt wet in the same spot as Lopez to make light of the situation.

Lopez tells 1010 WINS, “When I gave him the ‘What the hell are you doing?’ look, he gestured for me to look down at my own [shirt] and that’s when I realized I had leaked but instead of feeling embarrassed, I burst out laughing.” Lopez adds, “As we walked around for the last 15 minutes after that we got tons of stares and laughs and even some nods of approval for moms and dads passing by.”

But the California mom didn’t always feel confident nursing in public. When Lopez had her son Dominic she breastfed him for three months but knew that with her second child she wanted to try for longer. While pregnant with her daughter she asked her boyfriend for support and he certainly brought it with this sweet gesture.

“I’m really surprised that I wasn’t super embarrassed to have leaked in public but his sweet and hilarious gesture really did loosen me up and help me to laugh at the situation instead of being embarrassed,” the mom adds.

Lopez documents her breastfeeding journey with 11-month-old Camila on Instagram and wants to support other moms by sharing her story.

-Rebecca Zamer