NEW YORK (WFAN) — Yankees fans are no doubt disappointed after their team fell one game short of the World Series. But when the pain subsides, they should feel nothing but optimism about the future, WFAN’s Mike Francesa said.

“When you step back, it will quickly become that this year was the forerunner, that this year was the harbinger of things to come for this franchise,” Francesa said at the start of his show Monday, two days after the Yankees lost to the Astros in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series. “That they can build on this. They will build on this.

“First thing they have to do is put the architects back in place, which means (general manager Brian) Cashman, which I don’t think will be any issue, (and manager Joe) Girardi — let’s see if it’s an issue. There’s something going on there — I don’t know what it is — but let’s see if it manifests itself.”

Francesa also said the Yankees’ youth proved to be an issue on the road in the playoffs.

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“These were two very different series,” he said. “When the Yankees were in Houston, it was one series. When Houston was in New York, it was another series.

“One thing where we saw the Yankee youth really show its flaw was its inability to play well on the road in big spots this year. And that came through in the playoffs loud and clear, where they don’t lose a game at home and they have a very big struggle, expect for the Game 5 in Cleveland … on the road.”

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