NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There were warnings Friday about a possible upsurge in knockout attacks in which people are sucker punched for no good reason.

Video of one such incident shows a woman being suddenly kicked and then punched by a man. She was knocked out cold on the ground, but rather than help her several people took out phones to take pictures.

Nobody called the police.

It happened in Pittsburgh more than a month ago, and something similar happened in Brooklyn on Thursday night.

“As he went to tie up his dogs to confront these kids, the group distracted him from the front and then one came up behind him and hit him in the head,” a witness said.

The witness who asked not to be identified, said a group of teens leaving a Shake Shack in DUMBO singled out a 43-year-old man walking his dogs.

They tossed water and milkshakes at him before delivering a knockout punch to his jaw.

What happened next was even more disturbing.

“One boy ran up and crouched down and posed for a photo next to the guy that was passed out and then the rest of the group just kind of ran off and scattered,” the man said.

Witnesses said the victim lay unconscious for some 45 minutes, but in this case bystanders did step in to help.

Another similar incident happened last month in Manhattan.

Police are looking for three men wanted for the knock out style attack that happened on Essex Street on the Lower East Side. It left a 53-year-old woman with a swollen and bleeding face.

With no arrests yet in either case, people are worried.

“The police last night were telling me that this group of kids, it was the second time they had done it last night, and this seems to be this ongoing contest or trend amongst these teens,” one person said.

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  1. Tom Smith says:

    This Deblasio’s New York. When NYC had a Republican mayor crime took a real dive.

  2. Where is George Zimmerman when you need him ?

  3. dt60093 says:

    These thugs need to be taught that doing the same to a member of the media is worth a lot more points and cred.

  4. CBS won’t dare say “race crimes” because it doesn’t fit their commie agenda.

  5. where is bernie goetz when you need him? a .38 would stop this. you new yorkers got your guns taken from you. hard to feel pity.

  6. No you don’t have to ask what color these PUKES are.
    Too bad your LIBTARD mayor and city clowncil are too worried about a SODA POP TAX and ensuring the LGBT citizens are protected. SCREW the normal people.
    New York ‘management’ is pathetic.

  7. If these were WHITE “KIDS” It would be on every channel across the globe saying how RACISM must stop! FUG THE MEDIA!

  8. Hate crimes by racist cowards….More will come as the liberal media revs up it hate dialog. The bad part is that these defenseless white aren’t allowed to carry guns to defend themselves from these mob mentality hate crimes, that will end in murder of helpless victims.I guess if your dumb enough to visit any of cities that voted democrat, your taking your life in your hands.

  9. And this is exzactly why Democaraps don’t want honest citizens to protect themselves.

  10. wait, is the word “kids” the latest dog whistle for white supremacist. So, a dog bites you and one needs to find the dog to check for rabies, it makes sense to give description, it had 4 legs and fur.

  11. More young democrat voters having fun

  12. James Dunham says:

    The Democrats have disarmed the public, so this will continue…..Thanks for nothing Democrats, they’ve taken away your 2nd amendment right to protect yourself…way to go!!!

    1. Whirly Bird says:

      I would conceal carry anyway. If it’s a choice between my life and being harassed by the judicial system, I’ll take the harassment and stand firm on my 2nd amendment right. It is a right after all and shall not be infringed for any reason.

      1. Mark Bratge says:

        I’d rather stand in front of 12 men than be carried by six.

  13. Aaron Wild says:

    It takes a real animal to swing at a woman like that. No regard whatsoever.
    Would be nice to set up plants and wait in bush with a pipe.

  14. “Be not afraid of any man;
    No matter what his size;
    When danger threatens, call on me—
    And I will equalize!”

    inscription on Colt revolvers…

    1. Personally, I carry a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to take a ass whoopin
      Author Unknown

  15. bandit08 says:

    Jeez what are they not saying?

    1. Tom Menino says:

      Ummm.. descriptions of the suspects would be nice… but that would disrupt the tired narrative about oppression, or whatever the complaint is this month. The best plan in general is to aim for the hoodies and fire before they get too close.

  16. Support the alt-right. They’ll fix it.

    1. Let’s hope so. Liberalism spawned these cretins, then the alt-left coddles and emboldens them… Alt right is alt we got left.

  17. one day the people who hate whites are going to take on the wrong guy.

  18. It’s NYC, If you defended yourself with a weapon you would be the criminal, guaranteed. The animals would be given all the sympathy. This is the liberal way.

  19. Interesting. This has migrated to Northern Virginia where police are seeking a teenager who played the Knockout game by punching an eldely man in the face and damaging his eyesight. Perhaps we need some vigilante justice and introduce these thugs to Mr Ball Peen.

    1. People can carry in VA. This won’t go on long there.

  20. And KING wimp AG Sessions does nothing…Eric Holder was a racist…so I understood him not going after his breed for this primitive filth. These are racial attacks.

  21. funny how they keep calling these rabid rats “kids”

  22. Jay Barbieri says:

    ‘passed out’.?!?!
    The state of ‘journalism’ today.
    The man had been KNOCKED OUT. He was not passed out.

  23. Political performance art?

  24. Martin Deano says:

    Maybe now you know why cops shoot these thug SOBs

  25. Hate crimes. #RacialHateCrimes #HateCrimes #DeathPenalty

  26. Zar PK says:

    Don’t you just love the lies by omission from these PC BS lying “journalists” emphasizing “TEENS” or “KIDS” dropping the critical racial description, what we already know. PC BS.

  27. Smith Sjohn says:

    I am armed and will stop every threat to my life – kill every thug that approaches you.

    1. Roger Burr says:

      I believe, we should start with a .22 to the head. Then just walk on by.

  28. Africanized American Lives Matter. Nothing to see here.

  29. Russ Agrusa says:

    Just waiting for LeBron, Curry and Pop to weigh in on this. Perhaps they’ll wear a hands up don’t knock me out shirt to practice. Or Pop will talk about how we just are too white to understand the knockout culture. I’m certain all the football players will be talking about this social injustice this weekend.

  30. Buddy Burke says:

    Don’t you dare profile New York! Just keep thinking everybody is equally guilty .

  31. Dan Granger says:

    “punched by a man”…”several people”…”these kids”…”the group”…”a group of teens”…”One boy”…”rest of the group”…”three men”…”this group of kids”…”these teens”.

    Another classic example of the PC media propagandists attempting to condition their readers to ignore the obvious.

    Political Correctness is killing us. All cultures are not the same.

    “The most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore.” (Chris Plante, WMAL)

    But it isn’t like we didn’t know:

    “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” -Richard Salant, former president of CBS News

    “We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage, by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with.” – Richard Cohen, Senior Producer, CBS Political News

    “Officially Certified Victim Groups must never be portrayed as having victims of their own.”

  32. Sam Jones says:

    Exactly what color are these “teens”?

    1. Ray Sears says:

      I Thank God I live in the State of Idaho, 1) i can and do carry a firearm anytime that i want to do so, 2) “Stand Your Ground” is the law of the land, 3) you can defend yourself with whatever amount of force that is necessary and reasonable, 4) these kind of Criminal Punks know that they can end up shot playing these kind of stupid games and have been (because it has happened in the past) So YOU folks can Brag All you want about Living in NYC and looking down on us people living in flyover country, but at least it’s not a cesspool like New York City !

  33. Incredible cowardice sneaking up on old people and women usually with gang backup.

  34. Bill Reece says:

    These are not people, they are animals! Need to be shot on sight!

  35. Thank you Barack, Michelle, Eric, Loretta …….

  36. These kids need to be shot on site. Euthanize them for the good of society.

  37. Around teens never relax… Oh wait…

  38. Doug Day says:

    And remember, these are the attacks you hear about…how many go unreported?

  39. Servite Omak says:

    white victims, blaaaaaack perps, no hate , riiiiiiiiight!

  40. manniep says:

    New Yorkers make themselves vulnerable to attacks like this. They can’t carry weapons. So, I have little sympathy for the victims. They put it on themselves.

    I live in a Civilized state. I go about armed. Remember the Safety Tripod: Situational awareness, Profiling, and Rapid use of Firearms, in that order of importance and applied in that order. And remember the Derbyshire Rules. Derbyshire applies to moslems, too. Apparently, Derbyshire now applies to Democrats as well.

  41. Ted Jones says:

    I always have my weapon ready when I see a group of Trayvons approaching.

  42. “Teens”. Probably Swedish or Amish.

  43. Jesse Pearce says:

    “Teens” huh. Got you.

  44. Paul King says:

    What do these people playing the knockout game have in common?

    1. JD Yank says:

      They are all worthless NI&&ERS!!!! And we could solve this problem in a heartbeat… Catch the Perps and hang their arse at the spot of the crime. Leave them there for a couple of days for everyone to see……

  45. John Oakman says:

    Hope these animals try me.

  46. Rob Lynn says:

    When you can smell ’em, they’re too close.

  47. I hope they run into someone carrying a gun. That would even the score.

    1. Maybe vote for a Republican once…

  48. Orange Mango says:

    More victims of the ‘ gun free sanctuary city ‘ .

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