1010 WINS — You like us. You really like us.

1010 WINS, New York’s all-news, all-the-time, station saw its best ratings in 40 years according to Nielsen’s October survey.

WINS is the longest-running all-news station in the country. It rose 5.4-5.9 among listeners aged 6+, advancing from a tie for third in September to a second-place finish, according to Inside Radio.

The ratings “Reflect the strong cycle of major news stories but also reflect the people who work at 1010 WINS,” program director Ben Mevorach tells Inside Radio. “There is no substitute for experience or for the way we deliver the product—unbiased, fast-paced, with a ‘don’t waste the listener’s time’ attitude.”

“It is a remarkable radio story no matter what decade we are talking about but certainly in an era when people have so many options at their disposal for news content,” Mevorach told IR. “We are also seeing significant growth on our streaming platforms; a testament to providing great content on multiple distribution channels.”

In addition to listening to 1010 WINS on your am dial, you can download the radio.com app or listen online here