1010 WINS-Check out these spooky cuties! In the midst of the Halloween season, animals and staff from Sydney’s Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia took on the holiday with a video showcasing the zoo’s critters getting creepy in their habitats.

Zookeepers got into the spirit by carving up pumpkins, spinning spider webs, and staging the alligator pond with some make-believe leftovers.

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As for the baby monkeys, meerkats and red panda cubs, this was their first ever Halloween, so of course the team had to make it special. Not to be outdone though, tigers, ring-tailed lemurs, koalas, lizards, snakes and even guinea pigs all joined in on the fun.

The staff clearly had an amazing time and the animals certainly enjoyed all their treats, resulting in a seriously epic Halloween video for all to enjoy.

Watch the full clip below… IF YOU DARE!

-Joe Cingrana


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