1010 WINS-Forget about instant-replay. Some eagle-eyed Buckeye fans at Ohio State’s “The Shoe” stadium captured some of the best plays and fumbles of the entire game against Penn State on Saturday (10/28). Fancy cameras and sound equipment were unnecessary as the action they caught was right in front of them, at a specific and particularly annoying step in the stands.

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When freshman Abby Grau and her friend arrived at the stadium, they witnessed an older man trip on a step just a few feet in front of them and spill his nachos everywhere. “I obviously didn’t get that one on video,” Abby tells 1010 WINS. “But I started to realize how many people were tripping after him and began to record people every once in a while when I wasn’t watching the game.”

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The result was hilarious. Just on video, the lucky student captured 12 people falling prey to the malicious step, though she was fortunate enough to avoid a similar fate.

But watch out, because these steps really are something to fall for.

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-Joe Cingrana