RIDGEWOOD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — School district officials are reaching out to families after some Ridgewood High School students allegedly stood by, watched and recorded the brutal beating of a fellow student.

Grace, a senior, told CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock she saw video of a fight that happened on Ridgewood School District grounds after school hours.

“It made me so upset,” she said. “I was like, ‘Oh, I can’t watch that.'”

Baba, a sophomore, said he wanted to know what all the buzz was about and ended up watching the video, too.

“It shows one kid like basically just beating the tar out of the other kid,” he said. “Like it was not really a fair fight.”

The superintendent sent home a letter Friday addressed to the school community, writing the “Administration has been investigating a serious student incident that rose to the level of police involvement.” It “involved the misuse of social media, destruction of school property and violence.”

When asked if she thought it was OK for students to watch and record the incident, Grace said: “I don’t think the recording was bad because it’s good for the police so they have something to look back on to see what really happened. But it was kind of upsetting to see a group of people egging them on.”

“Not what you want to see happening to a high school student,” said another student.

“I feel kind of ashamed this happened,” another student said. “I feel like we’re better than this as a school.”

The superintendent expressed similar sentiments, writing, “It is also disappointing that other students were present who videoed the incident rather than attempted to intervene in order to prevent physical harm (that was) unnecessary and unacceptable violence.”

The superintendent also wrote that anyone who was found to be involved in the incident will be held accountable.

School administrators say they plan to use the incident to address “witness behavior.”

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  1. David Grimes says:

    No names mentioned huh?

    Can I make a guess?

    Nah, that would be racist.

  2. Ghetto culture ruins everything it touches.

  3. You have the situation in Mahwah where the city banned outsiders from using a public park and clearly the intent was to ban Hasidim Jews and now you have this. It seems to be a pattern of deviation by authorities from the principles of decency and law. The community seems to be ok with thuggery. I grew up in New Jersey and do not like to see this decline in civilization that appears to be taking place.

  4. “I don’t think the recording was bad because it’s good for the police so they have something to look back on to see what really happened. There’s no soul in these kids. But it was kind of upsetting to see a group of people egging them on.” This comment says it all. “Kind of upsetting?” Really?

  5. If I post what I really believe happened, I’d be back in fakebok jail.

  6. Students can be suspended for intervening. Even the victim is punished for “fighting in school” and so is anyone who steps in and attempts to use bodily force to end the altercation.

  7. jamzw says:

    The school district will investigate the passive behavior of onlookers, who are of course raised by those very same people to be passive, and often penalized for taking personal initiative.

  8. The same students who are sensitive to everything, and pride themselves in their civility.

  9. Carl Mayo says:

    another day in the democrat-controlled public school monopoly

  10. Rich Bolles says:

    Well if the Lib Demo-Commie Education System holds to it’s every day Mode of Operation the kid who got beat up will be ejected from the school for not getting the sh** beat out of him more or sooner.

  11. News stories used to use the word “youths” to refer to a certain demographic group. When that charade become obvious, they switched to “Teens.” Now they’re referring to these individuals as “students.” Bottom line: avoid youths, teens, and students at all costs.

    1. “Students” “youths” “teens” “kids”

      Uh huh…

      1. If someone were to utter any kind of criticism of “students,” “youths,” “teens,” or “kids,” it would be condemned as racism. This illustrates the stranglehold that 13% of our population has over our entire country.

  12. The superintendent complains that no one intervened, but the kids know damn well that they intervened, they would be held responsible as well.
    That’s the sad state of the legal system, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  13. Sam Wise says:

    TOO LATE to help those kids. The parents gave them TV and now they’ve been desensitized to violence and brainwashed.

    – War movies are to increase recruitment into military to go invade yet another country that has not invaded USA, nor been given legal war status with declaration of war by Congress, making all who participated in foreign invasions war criminals.
    – Comedies are made to make men appear as homosexual beta male sissies who are smarter than the other 98.7 % of population.
    – Dramas are made to make women cheat, leave home to go work as another tax slave, and send children to government re-education camps called public school.
    – Crime shows are made to show only police state can stop save you.
    – Children shows are made to push communism on ignorant minds.
    – And we all know, even before Trumps said so, that news is f a k e, lies created by Pentagon, BBC, and Eaton.

    Worst of all, taxpayers fund a whole bunch of these lies with income tax.
    whatistaxed c om

  14. Anyone what to guess what sort of ethnic background the beater was, since the news story says nothing about it? Any takers?

  15. Cheryl Anne says:

    Yes, children grow up to be just like the adults around them. In the adult world, bullying is financially rewarded and compassion looked on with contempt as weakness – look at all the utterly corrupt Pillars of Society our children have as role models – the shame belongs to the adults.

  16. Lynn Wood says:

    In my day this was regarded as character building. Too bad you wore glasses and could not see beyond three feet.

  17. Buddy White says:

    I guess I’m just old fashion but I got into a couple of rough fights taking up for friends when I was younger. My father told me to stop doing that but I never could break the habit. I received a busted sinus cavity and a badly broken nose but I would do it again. I never could tolerate bullies. Strange, even though I got the worse of it at times, the bullies stopped their behavior when they saw me in the crowd.

  18. Jim Corridan says:

    They encourage “safe spaces” for college students .High school students are infants and not expected to do anything to these educators .Why would anyone expect these students to do anything except giggle and look at their stupid phones .

  19. There was just an incident in Detroit where a poor man had a heart attack while sitting on a bench at a bus stop with 15 – 20 other people waiting for a bus. Rather than call 9-1-1, 8 or 9 people took out their cell phones and started recording the ill man as he collapsed to the side walk, including the person sitting next to him on the bench. Fortunately a Detroit police cruiser was passing by, noticed the man on the ground with the people recording, stopped and began doing CPR after summoning EMS. Fortunately, the man survived no thanks to those who were at the bus stop. How sick has this society become?

  20. I like how the school district blames social media first and violence as an after thought..

  21. Could it be that they want to conceal the race of the two participants?

  22. Dale Warren says:

    Failing public schools are much more concerned about protecting their “image” than they are about protecting your children.

  23. Andy Howe says:

    Further evidence of the decline of our lack-of-education system.

  24. They most likely cannot show the fight because of the age of the teens. If this fight happened here and the kid getting beat up tried to defend himself then he would get suspended. It’s so stupid these days. Schools are teaching kids how to be wimps instead of standing up for themselves.

  25. Cory Carney says:

    The superintendent expressed similar sentiments “It is also disappointing that other students were present who videoed the incident rather than attempted to intervene in order to prevent physical harm (that was) unnecessary and unacceptable violence.”

    Most school districts have ZERO TOLERANCE policies and they tend to make ZERO exceptions for students who put hands on other students. Sane humans would say “but they were trying to stop the fight!” Foolish school officials would say “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY!!!” so these children were acting more intelligently than any school official ever gave them credit for during a standardized test. Moron.

  26. “Like it really was not really a fair fight.”

    NEWSFLASH! There are no fair fights. People are cowards and they will always stack the odds in their favor. I was in countless messes like this in HS. And Gracie Jiu Jitsu (which I spent two years studying) wouldn’t have helped me because there was always more than one person. And to be honest you can’t fault the other students for not “jumping in and helping” because no one wants to get involved in something like that and making themselves a target. Actually standing around and recording the incident was probably the best thing they could have done seeings how now they have evidence which can be used by authorities. I seriously doubt that any intervention by a bystander would have made much difference seeing how none of them probably go home from school, change shirts and head on down to the local “Brew & Cue” to work their after school job as a bouncer.

  27. Frank Muller says:

    If the aggressor was white they’d show the video.
    Search youtube for “Colin Flaherty”. He’ll have the inside story.

    1. Yahtzee!
      You hit the nail right on the head.

  28. What tics me off is that you’re halfway through the article before anyone mentions the violence.

  29. Must have been feral Negroes since there is no video……Always redact when it doesn’t fit the PC narrative.

  30. Parents have a lot to answer for with this behavior. What are thgese kids learning about responsibility and doing the right thing? The morals of these kids is appalling. If only this were an isolated incident, but it isn’t.

  31. Rob Lynn says:

    Show the unedited video. Let people know what we’re up against.

  32. Lack of video usually indicates perps are POCs

  33. where is video with fuzzy faces?? Mnnnnnn…wonder what color they are. Even tho there is still a one in 20 chance they are white,,,

  34. John Oakman says:

    I know What–let’s play: Guess Who????

  35. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    So now they’re supposed to intervene? What happened to running, hiding and wetting yourself?

  36. Bill Loyal says:

    And yet there is no video posted, are we supposed to blindly believe there is a video when it is not posted? How strange..

    1. Byron Brewer says:

      The video is probably somewhere on U-Tube….

  37. These high-school students, as a population, need to receive sensitivity training. Even many of the students interviewed in the CBS video seemed to think this type of behavior is acceptable. The students(s) that instigated this violent act should be expelled.

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