1010 WINS-To say that this father was at a loss for words when finding out the gender of his fifth baby would be quite an understatement.

As Angel Taylor gathered her ‘Taylor Bunch’ to prepare to break the big baby news to Mark, her husband and loving father to four girls — Jordyn, Juliyn, Jaxsyn, and Jestyn — it was already assumed dad would freak out a little bit. You see, all the girls already knew there was a fifth sister on the way.

gender reveal thumbnail Dad with Four Girls Speechless After Surprising Fifth Baby Gender Reveal

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“He’s gonna fall in the pool,” says little Jaxsyn in the video Angel posted to YouTube as the girls anxiously await Mark’s return home with a living room full of pink balloons.

“My reaction was pretty shocked, as the way that I found out was pretty bizarre. I am very high risk, so I was required to do extra blood testing, which also revealed the gender,” Angel tells 1010 WINS. “So, when the nurse was giving me the results of the test (everything is great so far, by the way), she also asked me how I was doing. I said to her, ‘I have four daughters and I told them to give me a minute,’ and she responded with, ‘NO! You have FIVE daughters!’.

“I just said, ‘Oh! Okay then!’ Then I went to brainstorming with my girls on how we were going to surprise their dad when he got home from work later that night.”

When Mark walked into the room, the seriousness of the situation hit him like a ton of pink bricks.

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“I didn’t expect him to be speechless at all. I don’t quite know what I expected, but I didn’t know what the reaction would be — so I had to record!”

Angel says the four girls are very enthusiastic about the new addition to their family and are looking forward to having a new best friend.

“My daughters are super excited! We teach them that their best friends are their sisters and that’s who they can always count on, so they are happy to have another one. My husband and I are both Air Force veterans and have deployed numerous times, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc., so we have really prided ourselves in making sure our girls are always close because it wasn’t promised for us to make it back from those places, and a couple times, we almost didn’t.”

After a few hours of not being able to muster a single word about the reveal, Mark finally has something to say about the good news.


Watch the full video below.

-Joe Cingrana