NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Parents waiting to pickup their kids are paying the price for parking problems outside of a Westchester school.

Parents in New Rochelle said they’re getting tickets outside of an elementary school.

Police said double parking is creating a danger zone.

Julie Muniz said she was slapped with a $100 fine for double parking on Friday, as she waited to pick her daughter up at William Ward Elementary School.

“I saw everyone in front of me getting a ticket, and everyone behind me,” she told CBS2’s Lisa Rozner.

New Rochelle Detective Sergeant Myron Joseph would not interview on camera, but told CBS2 double-parked cars waiting off school property are creating a traffic hazard.

On Monday after school, CBS2 spotted some close calls where double-parked cars forced two lanes of traffic to condense into one.

“Horrendous every way, they all double park, and then buses can’t get down, so the buses get stuck up here and people trying to go through and the buses can’t get through,” Debbie Carrara said.

Sgt. Joseph said there’s a white line that marks the limit of where cars can no longer wait to pick up their kids. If they chose to do so they risk getting a summons.

“You shouldn’t be punishing parents for trying to pick up their kids. We’re lucky enough we’re even able to pick them up,” Danielle Salazar said.

“It’s shocking to get a ticket for $100 when you’ve been doing something everyday for five years,” Kayondi Howard said.

CBS2 wanted to get school and police officials on camera, but they refused.

The principal sent CBS2 a letter that was sent to parents on October 10, warning them that ‘there will be no double parking’ and ‘they will be issued summonses.’

Sgt. Joseph said parents who don’t want to get a summons should park and walk to the school to pickup their kids.

“To have that be a solution in cold weather, especially with students that are 5-years-old that doesn’t seem like a good solution,” Julie Muniz said.

Muniz said she wants to work with the city on a solution in a productive conversation, not through a summons she’ll have to fight in court.

For now, police said they’re working on a plan with the city to eliminate some parking during afternoon hours to create more space for parents.