NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A mail bandit on the loose in the Bronx has been swiping packages from homes in Morris Park.

He’s gotten away with merchandise worth hundreds of dollars, but not before being caught on camera.

In plain view in a quiet neighborhood, the man had his eyes on the prize. He quickly looked around, then made bee line straight towards the package — picking it up as if it were his, and then running down the stairs, hiding it in his car, and continuing on his way.

“When I saw it wasn’t in the back or my neighbors didn’t hold it, I decided to look at my cameras. Lo and behold there was someone taking it,” the package’s intended recipient told CBS2’s Reena Roy.

The victim didn’t want to show his face on camera, but told CBS2 an Amazon package was stolen from his Narragansett Avenue home about three weeks ago. He called cops immediately.

“You’re angry, you’re frustrated, but then you kinda feel violated. You’re like, that’s my stuff. I was kind of expecting it. I needed it, so it’s sad,” he said.

Sources told CBS2 the same culprit hit two other homes nearby on Tenbroeck Avenue. One a few days later, and one in September, snagging a package from each and getting away with about $300 in merchandise.

“A gentleman was driving his car. He stopped the car and jumped out, and I’m saying to myself, ‘is he crazy or something?’ Then I realized, someone stole two packages from Amazon from his house,” Antoinette Ubhubi said.

People in the area are on edge, saying postal workers have warned them about packages disappearing. Residents are taking extra precautions to prevent any more theft.

“The mail lady has warned everybody, and people are on the lookout,” Joseph Reda said. “Telling people to put mail in the back too, so you know make it a little harder for people to steal mail.”

Neighbors are hoping the suspect is caught in time for the holidays.

“I think collectively we’re hoping this guy will get caught, because especially with the holidays coming around. You don’t want that hard to find Christmas present getting stolen off the porch,” the victim said.

A postal and Fed Ex worker both told CBS2 the problem seems to be getting worse, with reports of customers all over the area returning home to find empty front doorsteps where packages should be.