NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Mayor Bill de Blasio was projected as the winner Tuesday night for a second term as the chief executive of New York City.

“You wanted four more years? You got four more years,” de Blasio told supporters in his victory speech Tuesday night.

With 99 percent of the precincts reporting, de Blasio had 66 percent of the vote, compared with 28 percent for his Republican challenger, state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis.

De Blasio took the stage to the pounding John Legend song, “Our Generation.”

He said when he first ran for mayor four years ago, he called for “fundamental change in this city.” But he said he and his supporters faced what he called “a cacophony of doubt and cynicism” – and some were even concerned that the city would go to the “bad old days” and there would be “chaos.”

“Well, they were wrong,” the mayor said. “We proved that we could make our city safer. We proved that we could make our schools better. We proved that we could make our economy stronger. We did this together, and we took on some very powerful forces when we did it.”

De Blasio said there is still a lot of work to be done, and his mission in his second term would be to make sure New Yorkers no longer feel the deck is stacked against them.

“We’ve got to become a fairer city, and we’ve got to do it soon. We’ve got to do it fast,” he said.

He added, “You saw some important changes in the last four years, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Noting his achievement on securing pre-kindergarten for New Yorkers, de Blasio touted his plan for 3-K – in which every 3-year-old would get early childhood education for free.

“It’s never been done before, but it’s going to be done here,” de Blasio said. He said the goal is to make sure every child reads on grade level by the third grade.

The mayor also touted his call instead for a millionaires’ tax to fund improvements in the struggling subway system and his plan to create 100,000 good-paying jobs for residents of the five boroughs.

He also noted a plan for all NYPD patrol officers to begin wearing body cameras in the next two years.

De Blasio also said New York City would stand up to the policies of the Trump administration in Washington, as he celebrated other Democratic victories Tuesday night.

“I bring you glad tidings of joy this evening, because America got a little fairer tonight. America got a little bluer tonight,” de Blasio said.

Democrat Phil Murphy won the race for governor in New Jersey Tuesday, while Democrat Ralph Northam won the gubernatorial race in Virginia.

“Let’s cheer so they can hear us in New Jersey. Let’s cheer so they can hear us in Virginia,” de Blasio said. “And tonight, New York City sent a message to the White House as well. The message was this – you can’t take on New York values and win, Mr. President.”

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De Blasio also noted the significance of being the first Democrat to win re-election as mayor of New York City since Ed Koch – who served from 1978 to 1989 and was last reelected 32 years ago.

“This is the beginning of a new era for progressive Democratic leadership in New York City for years and years to come,” de Blasio said.

For the four years to come, the mayor said his focus would be making New York City into the fairest city in America.

A major component of the plan, he said, is to make sure people can afford the city – with “the biggest affordable housing plan anywhere in the country,” the strongest laws to require affordable housing, and free lawyers to anyone faced with eviction.”

He also said he wanted to see “everyone’s paycheck get a little bigger, and then a little bigger and then a little bigger.”

Making it easier for New Yorkers to register and vote was also among de Blasio’s agenda items.

“How can we be proud as New Yorkers when it’s just so damn hard to vote here?” he said.

And with regard to police-community relations, de Blasio said, he wanted “every police officer to know the name of the resident they serve in the community, and I want those residents to know the name of their officer. I want everyone on the same side.”

“We can make this the city it was mean to be,” de Blasio said. “We are only just getting started.”

Meanwhile, Malliotakis conceded the race early. Joined onstage by surrogates and her parents, Malliotakis said she ran because she thought that not all voters were being represented in City Hall and she saw the quality of life going downhill.

“This race was about trash, about transit, about the deteriorating quality of life that we’re experiencing,” Malliotakis said. “It was about the 28 percent increase in property tax levy while the quality of life deteriorated.”

As 1010 WINS’ Samantha Liebman reported, Malliotakis’ speech was punctuated by the song “I Won’t Back Down” by the late Tom Petty. She said that is just what she will continue to do.

“This is when you take a step back and reflect,” Malliotakis said. “I’m just going to keep on fighting for my constituents as a member of the state Assembly for now.”

Coming in third in the mayoral race was Sal Albanese with 2 percent. Albanese lost to de Blasio in the Democratic primary, but appeared in the general election ballot on the Reform Party ticket.

Bo Dietl, a businessman and former detective, appeared in both debates with de Blasio and Malliotakis. But he ended up with just 1 percent of the vote, coming in slightly behind Green Party candidate Akeem Browder and Smart Cities Party candidate Mike Tolkin.

Dietl said he will never seek office again.

Coming in last in the polls was Libertarian Party candidate Aaron Commey, who captured less than 1 percent of the vote.

In other city races, Letitia James handily won a second term as city public advocate, with about 72 percent of the vote. Her next closest challenger, Republican Juan Carlos Polanco, had 17 percent.

Scott Stringer also coasted to an easy victory for a second term as city comptroller. With 80 percent of the precincts reporting, he had 76 percent of the vote compared with 21 percent for his next closest challenger, Republican Michel Faulkner.

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Brooklyn Borough Prsident Eric Adams, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, and Staten Island Borough President James Oddo also easily won reelection in their races.

In the race for Brooklyn District Attorney, Democrat Eric Gonzalez was on the path to being elected to a full term, with 89 percent of the vote compared with 11 percent for Republican Vincent Gentile.

Gonzalez took over as acting district attorney last year after DA Kenneth Thompson, who died following a battle with cancer.

Most incumbent members of the New York City Council also won reelection, although a few races were too close to call late Tuesday night.

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  1. Every country needs an A$$hole. New York is the happy A$$hole of America.

  2. Susan Sabin says:

    O.K. New Yorkers, you deserve everything you get. Your wounds are self inflicted.

  3. Clegg Jensen says:

    Good grief! They truly are Grubers. Those 70s sci-fi films were not sci-fi after all. Indeed, they were accurate prognostications. Put a tall fence around that loony bin and rename it – “New York Maximum Security Prison”.

  4. Greg Goetz says:

    Taxes weren’t high enough for you? To much freedom for you?

    1. Must have been the promise of lower liberal standards, high taxes, less security, sanctuary city status for millions of refugees from around the world, MS-13 gang rituals, Muslim Diversity terrorists, Caribbean Welfare and EBT hustlers that make NYC great.

  5. New York, you now have only yourself to blame.

  6. New York on Detroit and Chicago way, 4 more year for left extremist in power

  7. Proof positive that New Yorkers know what they want in a Mayor. Don’t agree with it but it’s their decision.

  8. NYC your got what you wanted.

  9. MH Thomas says:

    Even for NYC, it is astounding that Deblasio was reelected to another term. Yes he is a socialist-marxist, yes he cultivates class and race hatred, yes he is a HUGE Government pusher and (according to many accounts, a total ahoe… I know these things don’t seem to bother coastal democrats but the man has virtually destroyed the city of New York. You’d think at least that would give voters pause.

  10. De Blasio was a radical and corrupt mayor during his first 4 years, Being reelected, I expect him to be more of a Marxist that he has already admitted. He will go after the NYPD with vengeance and with treat them as an occupying army against the people of NYC. He will ask for more taxes and will chase businesses and wealthy people out of NYC. The people who voted for him deserve everything they get. The die heart democrats would vote for Stalin, if he was the DP nominee for mayor,will never learn or understand what they are doing to the people of NYC and our nation. De Blasio is an admitted Marxist, went to Castro’s communist Cuba for his honeymoon, which was illegal at that time and assisted the communist Sandinista rebels, who were fighting the United States recognized Nicaragua government. What is wrong with these useful idiotic voters? May God save and protect those who did not vote for this Marxist.

  11. once and idiot always an idiot.

  12. John McElroy says:

    NYC gets what it deserves.

  13. I live in UPSTATE NY so when I flush my toilet I always wondered where it went. This article has given me the location of the turd…..NYC and it ic called De Blasio\.

  14. Cary Spadoni says:

    It is easy to have lower crime rates when police do not respond to personal property crime anymore.

  15. Hopefully, Iran will nuke NYC off the map right around the time Trump is re-elected.

    1. That is a stupid comment to make. What about the good people in NYC who oppose De Blasio, the NYCPD officers who patrol the streets and try their best to keep the citizens safe fro terrorism. It’s a sick mind who would want fellow Americans nuked.

  16. If Jerry Brown can do it in California, DeDlasio can do it in NYC. Voters aren’t known to do what is the smart thing to do for themselves.

  17. WhalePhants says:

    New Yorkers, please look out for your beautiful city and try something else.

  18. Kate Craig says:

    Please, New Yorkers, do yourselves a favor and elect the Republican this time.

  19. If they vote him back in they deserve this creep.

  20. Please, New Yorkers are NOT that stupid to keep this imbecile in office!

  21. “There’s no reason in the world we should have had 20 years of Republican mayors in New York City,” he said.

    Oh really!? How about Detroit, New Orleans, Oakland, San Francisco, Baltimore, and Atlanta? There are 6 great reasons – pick your favorite, idiots.

    New Yorkers: you are smarter and better than this. Vote that liberal bum out!

  22. jay10940 says:

    New York used to be the best in the world and the worst in the world. Now it’s just the worst of everything.

  23. If NYC keeps DeBlasio, they must REALLY hate themselves.

  24. Was he serious about high cost of living? He will find way to tax more things everyone uses and tax “rich” more so he can redistribute to poor. Eventually, most of the “rich” will leave.

  25. John Diamond says:

    The left only votes for leftwing politicians so I absolutely predict his win,. OF course he is a jerk and incompetent, but he is a liberal and to many liberals that is enough and cures all ills. Look at the tolerance for people like Harvey weintsein and spitzer and weiner and bill Clinton because they were liberals in good standing…..and the lack of tolerance for anything republicans or non liberal.

  26. NYC voters are a good example as to why humanity will never evolve

  27. The former dictator of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, could win in New York. Too many naïve and uneducated liberals in New York.

    1. and then they move to Florida to screw up that state.

      1. Thats exactly what they do…The run from the sheithole THEY created, move somewhere else where the living is much better …then first thing they do…is to begin turning what they just ran TO…into what they just ran FROM! We do not want you…we do not need you….please stay in the sheithole you created ! …and Vote DeBlasio , you deserve him!

    2. If New Yorkers vote for this clown again…they get everything they deserve.

  28. Don McCoy says:

    LOL! DeBlasio is Left of the Kremlin! Even NYC would be nuts to re-elect him!

  29. Allen Clark says:

    If NY votes that idiot again, it only shows how ignorant that city is. This is the guy that has had more bad and destructive ideas than you can count. I personally do not care if he wins or not, because as far as I am concerned NYC and San Fran can fall off the face of the planet and we would all be better off.

  30. When the Islamic extremists bomb NY’ers to hell and back, when the subway have had a biological or chemical attack these retards of NY will not even consider that De Blasio is the cuck that allowed it to happen by getting rid of NY’s terrorism squad.. Liberals live on a different planet than those of us who have our sanity.

  31. and NYC will get less safe and stinkier than DeBlobio already made it. He is a disaster but the voters of NYC will re-elect him. And they better shut the hell up when everything goes sideways. Expect more terrorist attacks as well as DeBlobio has shackled the police. They will get exactly what they deserve-.

  32. If De Blasee wins again, we will be sure that elections can be hacked.

  33. Coy Coleman says:

    The Freakazoids of NYC will keep Soft Serve Yellow Belly in.

  34. If you want to help stop the corruption in Albany, vote YES to a New York State Constitutional Convention. We vote for the delegates to represent us, they debate, and present Amendments that we the people vote YES or NO to. No changes can occur to the constitution without statewide approval at the ballot box from us. So what do we have to lose? Its a chance to make change outside the grid lock and status quo. We only get a chance to vote on this once every 20 years, and haven’t had one since 1967.

  35. If New Yorkers re-elect this “gentleman” then they deserve the pain.

  36. The word ‘Democrat’ is a synonym for the word ‘corrupt’. So, any one who votes for democrats is sharing in their corruption. Is that what you want, New York?

  37. Zero sympathy for NY if they re-elect this pathetic waste of skin.

  38. For your own good, get rid of DeBlasio!

  39. If this JERKOFF wins again,the useful idiots that voted for him,deserve every bit of him!!

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