Good Morning!

A cold front passed early this morning and very cold air has been ushered right in behind it. Waking up this morning expect temps to range from the low 30s to mid 40s. Reference the map to see what’s going on in your neck of the woods!

jl morning lows map1 11/7 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

(Credit: CBS2)

It is also a good day to bring a rain jacket, especially if you live south of NYC. Rain is not expected until this afternoon, it is not particularly heavy, but no one likes to be unprepared.

nu tu skycast 3d today4 11/7 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

9Credit: CBS2)

The strange weather of transitioning seasons is upon us. It is best to keep jackets and clothing layered so you can adjust your temp to the ever changing climate! Have a great day. G