1010 WINS-The couple who flies together stays together.

At least that’s the hope of New York-based amateur pilot Florian Otto who planned a fake emergency to pull off a surprise proposal to his girlfriend of four years, Marina.

Florian originally from Germany and Marina originally from Russia met in New York and have been flying together throughout their entire relationship, logging over 120 hours of flight time per year.

Nik Tarascio, who runs Ventura Air Services in Farmingdale, NY helped plan the surprise for his longtime friend by helping him put multiple cameras in his aircraft over a week before their planned flight.

“We had Florian put cameras in their plane about a week in advance,” James Fischer, a videographer for Ventura Air Services explained to 1010 WINS, “and [told] Marina that a buddy wants to test out these cameras. She didn’t think twice about it.”

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During their flight, Florian and Nik pretended that they had flown into “restricted airspace” over the radio and needed to be escorted out by the military. That’s when Nik’s plane pulled up from behind them with the words “Marry Me?” written across it.

Immediately following the successful proposal, they landed both planes in the Hamptons where everyone celebrated the couple’s upcoming nuptials.

Watch the full video below.

You can view even more great in-flight videos from Nik at TakeOffWithNik.com.

-Joe Cingrana


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