NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Sneaking in a few minutes of zen in New York City can be hard to do.

The owner of a specially designed RV has set out to change that.

Between the sirens and blaring horns, seemingly endless construction, hoards of subway riders, and work, life in the Big Apple can be stressful.

“Let’s navigate through, like, a million people, and cram myself onto the subway,” said photographer Mike Garten.

“There’s a lot of different people to deal with, and a lot of pressure with deadlines,” said Brooklyn resident Allie Holloway.

A new RV aims to help New Yorkers cope with all those stresses. It’s called Calm City, a mobile meditation station. Parked in the middle of all the hustle and bustle on the streets of New York City, it changes location daily.

“I had this idea when I saw a food truck that it would be so cool if I could just hop in, get 10 minutes of calm, and go on with my day,” said Kristin Westbrook, the founder and CEO of Calm City.

Westbrook gutted a 1976 Vandura, soundproofed it, then designed a 100-square foot studio with peace of mind in mind.

“You really don’t realize that you’re in the back of an RV,” Westbrook said.

Calm City offers 10 minute guided meditation sessions.

The goal is to de-stress.

“It helps you connect with your inner self,” Westbrook said.

Garten and Holloway tried it out for the first time.

“I feel a lot more relaxed,” Garten said. “People love taco trucks and stuff, why not a meditation truck?”

“You just leave feeling way more positive,” said Holloway. “It does feel like a little oasis.”

An oasis parked in the middle of Manhattan.

Each 10 minute session costs $10.

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