NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Did a dog off leash go on the attack?

As CBS2’s Valerie Castro reported, a dog is accused of mauling another dog in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and it may not have been the animal’s first confrontation.

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Nine-year-old Monk was still wearing a medical cone around his neck Thursday, after his owners said he was viciously attacked by another dog almost two weeks ago.

Monk had to undergo several surgeries to repair the damage.

“The vet thinks he’ll make a full recovery, but when I asked, they said this was one of the most severe attacks they’d ever seen,” said owner Greg Stevens.

Stevens said the attack happened at Transmitter Park in Greenpoint, when a black dog running off leash made a beeline for Monk.

“It just tore across the park and headed right for our dog,” Stevens said.

At the time, the attacking dog was under the care of a dog walker. But Stevens said a week later, Monk was nearly attacked again by the same off-leash dog.

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“This is how we actually got in contact with the owner,” Stevens said. “He was actually there for the second almost-attack.”

Stevens said while the owner initially seemed receptive to resolving the issue, he soon stopped answering his phone.

Monk’s owners created a Facebook page in an effort to warn other pet owners about the danger. They have now heard similar stories about the same dog and owner.

“He clearly doesn’t take it that seriously if it’s happened three or four times over that we know of,” Stevens said.

The owner of the other dog refused to speak to CBS2 on camera. But over the phone, he said because he did not see the attack that left Monk injured, he takes it only as an allegation.

He does admit that he allows his dog to be off leash, and said he will now keep his dog on a leash after hearing the concerns.

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Stevens said the vet bill for treating his injuries has come to about $2,000. Monk is expected to make a full recovery.