NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A car struck two children before slamming into a house in Queens.

The car has since been removed, but a gaping hole sits where the front door used to be. If it hadn’t been so brutally cold out, the family could have easily been outside and there’s no telling whether they’d be alive tonight.

“I never saw a car crash like this ever,” Simran Begum told 1010 WINS’ Andrew Falzon.

The brave little girl was unphased by what happened to her family on Friday night.

“I heard like a bomb sound and I thought it was around the corner, I heard the house shake,” she said.

With her heart still racing, 10-year-old Begum was talking a mile a minute explaining how the yellow Mustang crashed through metal fencing and up three stairs through her front door.

Her whole family was only feet away, including an aging grandmother and younger sibling.

“I took my brother to safety in my room and called 911,” she said.

Inside, from the freezing cold her father faced the damages.

“Whole house is like shake like that. I think inside my home I see the car,” Mohammed said.

His pregnant wife had been resting on the couch when the out-of-control driver barreled into the home without warning before trying to take off.

They were the second family that could have been killed by the driver inside of minutes.

In a surveillance video at nearby 170th Street and Jamaica Ave, a mother can be seen pushing a stroller with her 5-year-old walking at her side. They were struck by the Mustang as it mounted the sidewalk.

The driver took off as the mother picked up the stroller with a 2-year-old inside.

“She tried to run away when she hit the house, but my son called the cops,” neighbor Bayo Mahaveer said.

“She said, I’m ill, I have to go, I can’t stay,” Simran said, “That was very rude to run away when something big happens like this.”

Neighbors who held the driver down until police arrived said she had to be drunk or high. The driver was at the hospital on Friday night with charges pending.