1010 WINS– “The force is strong with this one…”

Ready not were these young Jedi when the savior of the galaxy, Luke Skywalker, climbed aboard Disney Studio’s ‘Star Tours’ ride at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA!


As the ride’s operator made an announcement about a special passenger aboard, actor Mark Hamill, who plays the iconic role in the Disney franchise gave Star Wars, fans got an intergalactic journey they’d never forget.

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It wasn’t just a treat for movie buffs. As you can see in the video, Hamill couldn’t contain himself and came out of the gate roaring — and the fans ate it up.

In a tweet after his appearance, Hamill wrote: “it took me long enough- but my childhood dream of working disneyland finally came true!”

Good thing it was Master Luke and not a dreaded Sith Lord! We hear they get motion sickness on rides.

-Joe Cingrana


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