1010 WINS-Be prepared to bear witness to the cutest tea party ever.

Little Kennedy was born prematurely at 29 weeks and spent her first 51 days in the NICU, but her father Stefan was there every step of the way.

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(Photo Credit: Brooke Photography)

Since Stefan is in the military, he’s sure to cherish every moment he has with his daughter, tea parties and all. Before his most recent deployment, Stefan wanted to give Kennedy something to cheer her up while he’s away, so the pair had an adorable father-daughter “tea party” photo shoot with Brooke Stevens-Patrick of Brooke Photography!

“My daughter-in-law [also in the military] approached me about doing a photo shoot for Stefan, Kimberly, and sweet Kennedy before she and Stefan deploy,” Brooke, the photographer, tells 1010 WINS. “They have never had professional pictures done before. Of course, when they told me about wanting to shoot a tea party I was thrilled with the idea.”

(Photo Credit: Brooke Photography)

“Just watching them together was so sweet and how much Kennedy just loves her daddy. To put on his dress blues and play “tea party” with his daughter sure is quite a display of fatherhood at its finest!”

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Now, every time Kennedy misses her dad, she can have a tea party right next to their pictures and remember just how much her daddy loves her!

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-Joe Cingrana