WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police have made an arrest in connection with an alleged sex assault near the Metro-North station in White Plains.

Carlos Paute, 23, of White Plains, was charged with rape Wednesday.

Police say late last Wednesday night, a woman walking on a path just steps from the station was accosted by a man on a bicycle, who allegedly grabbed her and then groped her.

Police said she screamed and fought him off.

The alleged assault happened along a narrow dirt path that is a popular shortcut used by many to get from the Westage Towers to Water Street and the nearby train station. 

Police say the path is not well lit, making it easy for someone to sneak up undetected. They encourage people to walk in groups if they plan on using the path and to avoid wearing earbuds in the area.

“It concerns me because I walk by here all the time,” resident Leanne Staples said. “I’ve never had a problem, I do walk pretty quickly when it’s nighttime and I’m alone.”

“I feel creepy when I walk through there. I carry a dumbbell in my bag just in case somebody comes,” Andrea Stone told WCBS 880’s Sean Adams.

She walks by the scene every day and has noticed a larger police presence.

“Last night when I came home, they were sitting on the curb up there,” she said.

The White Plains station is the busiest Metro North stop in Westchster County. It’s used by 10,000 people each day.