MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — On Monday, a Morris County road was named for Governor Chris Christie.

As CBS2’s Meg Baker reported, his name will now be associated with a street instead of a bridge.

“Incredible honor for us, where we raised our family and want to continue to live,” he said.

While Christie feels honored, some other New Jerseyans said he did not do a stellar job and doesn’t deserve it.

“I don’t think he’s got that type of reputation anymore, even if it’s a small little road,” Gene Griffin said.

‘Governor Chris Christie Drive’ is an access road to Central Park of Morris County.

“Certainly Governor Christie as a two term elected governor of the great state, U.S. attorney, presidential candidate, and former Morris County Freeholder has earned his place in the history books,” Morris County Freeholder, Director, Dough Cabana said.

Some protestors had their own suggestions for how the street could be named for Christie. Signs reading ‘Bully Way’ and ‘Good Riddance Way’ were visible along with others referring to Bridgegate.

“What he has done as far as reputation for New Jersey is not an honorable thing,” one protestor said.

One woman explained her skepticism.

“It’s in honor of someone who has done good for the community,” she said.

Others say it’s appropriate.

“I think it’s great being recognized for this. I live in town and actually, I know from Mendham, locals have to welcome him regardless,” Dolly Delbene said.

Most people who spoke with CBS2’s Baker didn’t want to go on camera — the topic of their neighborhood buddy turned controversial governor was just too dicey to dish on.

“I think governors are judged by how many touchdowns you put in the end zone, what do you really accomplish? That’s what you will ultimately be judged on,” he said.

Christie leaves office in January and will be succeeded by Democrat Phil Murphy.