1010 WINS-Three special needs children in South Dakota got a chance to live out their dreams of being real-life police officers thanks to the kind hearts of the Rapid City PD and photographer Carrie Lewis of Glass Crown Photography.


13-year-old Zane who is non-verbal and with autism, 7-year-old Elliot who has cerebral palsy, brain and nerve damage, and other medical issues and 11-year-old Owen, who has Angelman Syndrome, all got to dress up like police officers, sit in the front seats and take photos with the men and women in blue they look up to every day.


Carrie Lewis of Glass Crown Photography captured the incredibly touching moments and says that it meant everything for these kids to be able to interact with the officers and their faces just lit up over the amazing day.

In a post on Facebook, Carrie explained how the photo shoot came about after meeting the three boys who love cops during her own ‘Special Needs Dream’ campaign and wanted to give them the chance to really live it.


“I asked the Rapid City Police Department to team up with me, and they went beyond what I hoped for. The RCPD sent me 4 squad cars and blocked off ‘Art Alley’ for my shoot. They let these kids sit in the front seat, wear their jackets, gave them badges… For some, this isn’t that special. But for these kids, it meant everything.”

-Joe Cingrana


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