LONG BEACH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Long Beach is stepping up security at the Long Island Rail Road station.

Panhandlers looking for cash from commuters and a number of stolen bicycles prompted police to put new security measures in place.

“We’ve had an issue with homeless people congregating at the railroad station, panhandling and disturbing the passengers coming and going,” Police Commissioner Michael Tangney said.

Tangney said police officers now patrol the platform during the morning and evening rush hours. They’ve also added security cameras at the station.

“We’ve added security cameras that are partially grant-funded. We will be adding more for a total of 18 throughout the area so that we can capture any event should they occur,” he said. “The first camera we put up does monitor the area where the bicycles are locked in so that if one is stolen in the future we’ll be able to go back to the videotape and possibly apprehend the offender.”

Cameras were also added to City Hall and one section of the boardwalk.

The goal is to install cameras across the entire length of the boardwalk and all local parks.