1010 WINS  — These two athletes made history by winning the first-ever Olympic Gold medal in 2014 in their respective events.

They are Olympic freestyle skiers, Maddie Bowman & Joss Christensen, and they joined Rebecca Granet on The Trend to talk about those big moments.

Both Joss and Maddie told Rebecca they fell in love with skiing at a very young age.

Maddie has been skiing since the age of two and is one of the most decorated female freeskiers in history, including earning the first-ever Olympic Gold Medal in Women’s Halfpipe Skiing at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014.

Joss is one of the most distinguished male freeskiers in history, earning the title of champion at the Grand Prix three years in a row and the first-ever Olympic Gold Medal in Men’s Slopestyle Skiing at the   Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014.

“Freeskiing, I’d say is a lot different than any other Olympic sport,” Joss said. “We’re competitive but we don’t have nemesis’ — we don’t have an athlete that you just have to beat at every event – that you hate that you can’t stand. When your friends do well you’re excited. If they beat you, you’re excited for them.”

“We’re all friends … it’s very relaxing freeskiing,” said Maddie. “Everyone’s pretty laid back, we’re really not…we don’t like rules and other people love rules. It’s an awesome environment to be from.”

Not only are Maddie and Joss on Team USA, they’re also on Team Milk. Maddie explains how she got involved with the campaign. “I grew up drinking milk and I believe in nutrition and everything and milk’s great for that. It’s cool to do these events … I just did a commercial that came out. I got to talk to some kids in Minnesota from all over different schools in the country. It’s just cool to get these opportunities.”

Joss said nutrition is super important to him especially since he’s been rehabbing from an ACL injury this summer trying to get back in time for the Olympics.

“My nutrition’s been half the battle just so I can make sure I get the protein and everything I need. Or just get the nutrition I need to build muscle as fast as I possibly can. I’m not always hungry especially since you’re working out to the point of exhaustion. But milk is perfect and I’ve grown up drinking milk my whole life and being able to have a glass of something and know that you’re putting good into your body is great compared to having to think of a huge elaborate meal I’m going to have to make.”

The Milk Life campaign celebrates dozens of athletes fueled by milk. The full roster of Team Milk athletes is comprised of more than 30 Team USA athletes across the country who have always trusted milk as part of their training and are now paired with and backed by local milk brands and dairy organizations.


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