1010 WINS-Over the Thanksgiving holiday, 19-year-old college student Danni Messina decided that she wanted to do her part in giving to those who have to spend their holidays in the hospital, so she turned to social media for help.

Danni Tweeted from her personal account on November 25th that she was willing to donate 50 cents for every re-tweet she received and 25 cents for every favorite to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

But little did she expect that the thoughtful tweet would go viral!

“I was talking to my friend on Thanksgiving and he told me that he was spending his Thanksgiving in the hospital with his grandmother,” Danni tells 1010 WINS about how her idea came about. “From there, I thought about how it was such a reality for people to spend their holidays in the hospital, and how fortunate I was to not have to. I personally didn’t need anything this holiday season but so many other families do, so it was time for a change. It was time to give back to St. Jude.”

After over 400,000 favorites, Danni knew she’d need a little help with the fundraising, so she started up a GoFundMe page that’s already received over $7,000 dollars in donations!

“I was originally planning on donating personally $1,000,” Danni says. “From there, the Tweet went crazy, so I decided to start the go fund me for $50,000 – which is up now!”

The magic of Twitter continues! Danni’s special moment has been captured and collected by the social media platform, which you can interact with below.

-Joe Cingrana


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