TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Marijuana could soon be legal in New Jersey.

Governor-elect Phil Murphy campaigned to legalize marijuana within the first 100 days of his administration.

Some local leaders have said ‘not-so-fast’ and are looking into their local pot shop ordinances.

“It’s going to catch us now because we weren’t prepared,” Rockaway Mayor Michael Dachisen said.

Dachisen said it will be up to the town council to decide to limit the number of smoke shops or ban them, his main concern is how legalization will effect the opioid crisis.

“Having marijuana become recreational has to address that it is gateway. How is law enforcement going to review who is driving under the influence?” Dachisen said.

Murphy sees dollar signs.

“You could regulate it, keep it out of the hands of minors, that’s a pretty compelling rational. And by the way on top of all that we think we can raise some revenues,” he said.

Murphy predicts $300-million in tax revenue whole others foresee a massive headache.

He hopes local communities will have the power to say ‘we don’t want this.’

“I would hope so. I know my local communities don’t want it, and they don’t want to sell it,” State Sen, Joe Pennacchio said.

Data from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area shows marijuana related traffic fatalities rose 48 percent in Colorado since legalization in 2014.

“We spent enormous amount of time studying what went right, what didn’t go right in Colorado, Oregon, California, and other states, so folks that say I don’t want this thing to be done improperly, neither do I,” Murphy said.

What do residents want?

“I think it will bring a lot of tax dollars in,” Fred Lynch said.

“Don’t have strong opinions either way. I don’t partake myself,” another resident said.

A few people said legalization should be put to a vote, others predicted that marijuana could raise car insurance rates as it has done in other states.


  1. Brian Kelly says:

    Every time there is news of politicians starting a “task force” to “study” marijuana legalization, in reality they are just prohibitionists trying to find “problems” with it.

    When they realize they can’t find the “Doomsday Scenarios” they so very desperately hoped to find, they just fabricate their own “problems” with marijuana legalization.

    So now they feel confident that they can deceive the public with the same old scare-tactics and anti-marijuana propaganda they have always used. Because these politicians feel that by now claiming to have “studied” the effects of marijuana legalization first hand, they may appear more credible when trying to scare the public away from marijuana legalization.

    Give it up prohibitionists. This tactic will not deceive the public!

    The public is no longer as gullible as prohibitionist politicians hope we are.

    Marijuana Legalization Nationwide is an inevitable reality that’s approaching MUCH SOONER then prohibitionists think and there is NOTHING they can do to stop it!

    The people have spoken!

    Legalize Marijuana Nationwide!

    There is absolutely no doubt now that the majority of Americans want to completely legalize marijuana nationwide. Our numbers grow on a daily basis.

    The prohibitionist view on marijuana is the viewpoint of a minority and rapidly shrinking percentage of Americans. It is based upon decades of lies and propaganda.

    Each and every tired old lie they have propagated has been thoroughly proven false by both science and society.

    Their tired old rhetoric no longer holds any validity. The vast majority of Americans have seen through the sham of marijuana prohibition in this day and age. The number of prohibitionists left shrinks on a daily basis.

    With their credibility shattered, and their not so hidden agendas visible to a much wiser public, what’s left for a marijuana prohibitionist to do?

    Maybe, just come to terms with the fact that Marijuana Legalization Nationwide is an inevitable reality that’s approaching much sooner than prohibitionists think, and there is nothing they can do to stop it!

    Legalize Nationwide!…and Support All Marijuana Legalization Efforts!

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