PATERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The mother of a 2-year-old was outraged after her son wandered out of a daycare center with a little girl.

Police said nobody noticed, and the children were found across the street in a parking lot.

Jay’lani Thompson is a smart little one. Somehow the almost 3-year-old and his friend — a little girl — walked right out of their daycare, Camp YDP in Paterson on Monday.

“He’s three. Anything could have happened. It’s a drug infested area. Shot, hit by a car, anything,” Chanae Coleman said.

Coleman was at work when a friend called her frantic saying someone posted on Facebook about her son roaming the streets.

She immediately called Camp YDP.

“They said they were fully staffed, so it shouldn’t have happened for him, and another 3-year-old to walk down a flight of steps, past the secretary area where someone sits, walk out a door, down steps, across the street, and even eventually walk up the street more. It’s absurd,” she said.

April Evans, a medical assistant at the Paterson Health Center across the street spotted the two little ones all alone.

“I was processing a patient when I saw two little kids running around cars. I see no coat on, no parent, so I ran out, and got em,” she said.

She said they were having a good time playing.

“We asked, ‘did you come out of a house?’ He said, ‘school.’ He was real smart,” she said.

But she didn’t know which school.

“I gave em two lollipops and called the cops,” she said.

“I can’t thank her enough, cried to her,” Coleman added.

CBS2 asked to speak to someone at Camp YDP, but the door was quickly slammed shut. CBS2 has also reached out to the state to see if Camp YDP has any previous violations, but has not yet heard back.

“I’m like, what do you mean, ‘somehow he got out?’ He’s a child. The reason why he’s in school is because I trust you to watch him while I’m at work,” Coleman said.

Jay’lani will not be going back to Camp YDP Daycare, he has a new babysitter for now.