1010 WINS-A pair of endangered tiger twins who were born this past September at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium were rejected by their mother at birth, but the adorable duo is now being hand-reared by the zoo’s loving staff.

tiger cubs thumb Tiger Cubs Rejected At Birth Are Growing Up To Be Adorable Little Monsters

(via Facebook.com/PGHZoo)

The rare breed of endangered Amur tiger cubs were born to the zoo’s 10-year-old tiger Terney who, staff observed, took no interest in raising the cubs. Although the zoo never wants to remove babies from their mothers, in this case, it was the only way to ensure maternal care for the cubs.

At just 24-hours old, the cubs were taken to the zoo’s Animal Care Center and were placed on round-the-clock intensive care.

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Now at just about two-months-old, the cubs are still residing at the zoo’s Animal Care Center and are being introduced to meat for the first time. In the coming weeks, the pair will be transferred to one of the facility’s cat buildings to get acclimated to the cooler weather and learn the ropes of being full-fledged tigers.

To follow along with the tigers’ journey, connect with the Pittsburgh Zoo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

-Joe Cingrana