1010 WINS-‘Tis the season for giving, and that’s just what the kind officers of the Glendale, AZ Police Department did for a school teacher who left money behind while shopping at Walgreens.

Surveillance video at the store showed a suspect buying beer and leaving the store with the woman’s the $160 that she left on the counter. So, Valerie reported it to the Glendale PD, but she never imagined their reaction would be filled with such generosity.

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The 60-year-old elementary school employee told the department the money was to pay for her phone and electric bill and she’d have to work extra hours to make it back. After putting out a call for help, the officers went into action.

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Officers throughout the department chipped in to not only give Valerie her money back but even more. In total, Glendale police officers raised $1,000 for Valerie!

And the perp was caught!

These officers know a thing or two about spreading the holiday cheer!

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-Joe Cingrana