Tuesdays highly anticipated “Moment of the Day” featured a NARP moment with a full mouth from Boomer.

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Tuesday’s show got off to big start as Big Blue had Black Monday come early for Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese. Boomer and Jerry give you all their takes about whether this was the right move, who is really deserving of blame, how the Eli Manning situation impacted the firings and much more. Plus, Boomer was reminded of his playing days after watching the “Monday Night Football” game as the Steelers and Bengals played one of the most physical games in quite some time.

C-Lo, of course, was prepared with all the sound from Monday’s crazy day around the NFL, including quotes from Manning and John Mara, Al has a new song for McAdoo, and Jerry was convinced Boomer was going to snap after not getting much sleep. Finally, comedian Jim Breuer joined the guys in studio and had plenty to say, as always.

Until Wednesday at 6 a.m., when the guys make their return to the airwaves, stay classy, New York!

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