NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Airline passengers are bracing for big changes coming to LaGuardia Airport this weekend.

Six airlines are packing up and relocating to new terminals as part of a larger redevelopment process and flyers are being told to prepare for a bumpy ride.

All American flights will move to Terminal B. Delta Shuttle moves to Terminal C. JetBlue relocates to Terminal A, along with Alaska Airlines. Frontier flights will move departures from Terminal C and arrivals at Terminal D. Same goes for Spirit Airlines.

Construction is well underway with new signage and kiosks going up throughout the terminals. But some customers are concerned about the confusion.

“This mess is going to get messier, it’s already really messy,” passenger Gagan Kanjlia said. “It’s very uncomfortable to travel and it’s just going to get worse. I was coming in a cab and the cab driver was already confused cause he wasn’t sure where to drop me, there were no signs outside.”

“Now there’s still a lot of traffic and the people come to this airport they don’t know where they’re going,” one passenger said.

There will be traffic agents on duty this weekend as the changes take effect.

“Check your boarding card before you arrive at the airport to make sure you arrive at the terminal,” said Ginny Elliott with Delta.

To inform customers of these drastic changes, LaGuardia is also buying commercial spots on the radio and is getting the word out via social media.

The Port Authority says the terminal changes should improve operations.