“Sweet Spot,” by Mike Sugerman

WHITE PLAINS (WCBS 880) – Of the roughly 143 museums in New York City, Choco-Story has to be the tastiest.

Jacques Torres and his company produce 250 tons of chocolate a year at a factory in Brooklyn. So a Manhattan museum in Hudson Square only seemed natural.

“I created the museum because I made the chocolates, now I’m growing the chocolates. So it makes sense that I teach about chocolates,” he says.

It’s pretty sweet.

“How do we make chocolates? And by the way, what is chocolate? What is a cacao tree? So we have cacao tree and banana tree into the museum to teach you how they grow and where do they grow,” says Torres.

There won’t be a quiz at the end, though there are lessons in commerce, politics and history.

None of it’s sugar-coated. Well it is, but not that way.

Visiting the 4,500 square foot factory, you see the man’s passion for chocolate and the pure fun he has making it.

“Christmas is about between 20 and 28 percent, depending on the year. Christmas is a big chunk of what we do,” he says.

Torres got the idea from another chocolatier who opened a similar spot in Belgium, which also has a place in chocolate lore.

But who cares. Museums? You had me at chocolate.

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