1010 WINS– The force is strong with this… house!

Visual and lighting effects artist Matt Johnson of San Antonio, Texas is known for his insane holiday light displays, but this year he really went to the dark side! His newest incredible light show features an “Imperial March” remix, a six-foot-tall Darth Vader, and enough lights to cover the entire Death Star.

Matt first went viral in 2015 for his “Johnson Family Light Show” featuring a custom soundtrack composed of Dubstep, EDM, hip-hop, movie clips and even their children and has only continued to wow since!

If Darth Vader was this powerful (and was into dance music), he may have just taken over the galaxy! Lightsabers are the glow sticks of the galaxy, after all.

For more videos and some helpful how-to’s to do it yourself, visit Matt’s YouTube page!

-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana


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