WCBS Newsradio 880 Celebrates 50 Years Of News In New York

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Introducing: KIDBOX, a service that sends clothing to children as they grow up.

“KIDBOX is a curated, personalized box of style for children. So six to seven items — fashion apparel — for children ages newborn to 14. We carry some of the most amazing premiere, well-known brands in the industry. We offer amazing prices. So if you keep the entire box for seven items, it’s $98. So it averages about $14 per item,” CEO Miki Beradelli tells Joe Connolly. “We are providing a convenient shopping experience for the parent; it’s a fun, amazing experience for the child. And it provides – or it conduces time together for both of them, which is very important in today’s consumer marketplace. Parents are busier than ever and feeling guiltier than ever for not spending enough time with their children.

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“And we founded the company with a social mission at our core – for every box kept, we partner with an amazing organization called Delivering Good. We have a network of about 80 different charities and we provide brand new clothing to children in need.”

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Children and their parents complete a style profile online, and then KIDBOX uses data science and its team of stylists to curate the perfect box.

They’re sent five times a year, and soon there will even be special “moment” boxes. The company also recently launched the ability to “gift” the experience.

So how can they keep their prices so low for high-end clothing?

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“We have buying power. Because we’re shipping six to seven items per box, we have the ability to go to these brands and childrenswear manufacturers and negotiate very strong pricing. Especially in a landscape where there’s already been 6,500 retail doors closing, brands and retailers are looking for new channels of distribution – and when you think about it, this box is a vehicle that literately delivers brands over the threshold of a household into the customer’s hands,” says Beradelli. “And brands see that as a very powerful way to get their brand loved and revered by households. And when you compare that to hanging something on a rack in a store waiting for a customer to discover it, it’s much more powerful to bring it into the customer’s home where they can experience it.”