1010 WINS-This one-year-old girl is already mastering snowboarding. And believe it or not — it’s her first time going down the hill!

For Cash’s first birthday, her parents Nick and Whitney Rowley wanted to share their love for the slopes with their baby girl. Although she may be new at the sport, she already seems to have mastered balancing while on a board as we can see in this video of Cash taking on the bunny slope at Bogus Basin in Boise, Idaho last Saturday.

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Though some commenters have raised concerns that Cash wasn’t wearing a helmet in the video, her sports enthusiast parents defended their decision writing, “We know she doesn’t have a helmet on and we take her safety very seriously — hence how close we are to her. We talked to her doctor about it before we went out and she cleared us as is. We actually have a helmet for her but it’s way too big and it’s the smallest size.”

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By the way, mom Whitney Rowley is the granddaughter of well-known Idahoan ski coach Wesley Deist, who taught on the slopes for 52 years before he passed away in 2008.

Prior to sending Cash down the hill, mom and dad got her prepared for the big leagues at home by strapping her to a snowboard and dragging her around on the carpet to simulate the fluffy powder.

It certainly seems like this little girl will soon be soaring down the slopes faster than she can walk!

Watch the full video below.


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-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana