1010 WINS-There’s something to be said about the innocence of children — especially in situations that would normally make an adult more than a just little cranky.

While Joe Vaughn and his family were making their way home from Disney World by way of Dallas to Oklahoma City, Vaughn captured viral video gold. As the family waited to board their flight, Vaughn caught his two young daughters, Tinlee (age 5) and Brynlee (age 3) dancing in the gate’s window with some help from an enthusiastic Southwest Airlines employee working on the tarmac below.

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After seeing the two adorable girls dancing outside their gate, the worker got in on the fun by playfully showing off his chicken and airplane dance moves.

The Vaughn’s, who live just a short drive from Oklahoma City in Moore, OK certainly had a nice, ‘like’ filled ride back home as they saw the views and smiley face comments pile up.

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-Joe Cingrana