NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Talk about a special delivery.

A newborn baby girl now holds the record for the longest frozen embryo ever to result in birth.

Emma Wren Gibson came into the world three weeks ago but that was more than 25 years after her embryo was frozen.

“I never thought I would be able to have pregnancy, and to have a baby, such a miracle, such a sweet sweet miracle,” said her proud mom, Tina Gibson.

Tina, who is just 26 years old, carried an embryo conceived just one and a half years after her own birth.

“If this embryo had been born when it was suppose to we could have been best friends — that’s been the going joke, I mean it’s just so crazy,” she said.

With the hopes of becoming parents, the couple went through the process at the National Embryo Donation Center not knowing the embryo they had chosen was frozen for more than two decades.

Carol Sommerfelt, the lab director, said seeing this record setting embryo result in a successful birth has proven technology and advancements over the years have worked.

“I see miracles happen everyday,” Sommerfelt said.

On average transferring 120 to 150 embryos a year, this one was the oldest.

But the Gibsons say they don’t think for one second it was all a coincidence.

“Such a miracle I think she was chosen for us, I don’t think we chose her, I think she was chosen for us,” Gibson said.

The embryo was implanted in a procedure similar to in vitro fertilization.

The previous record for a frozen embryo was 20 years old.