There is still time to get the foodies in your life gifts they will enjoy. From wines to sweet recipes and a honey, here are some of the best foodie gifts this holiday season.

Bee Harmony Honey

This holiday season can be a little sweeter with Bee Harmony Honey from Barkman Honey. With 23 varieties of honey, there is one for any foodie, including the Local Raw New York made from the foraging fields of the state and the American Raw Berry with notes of berries from berry fields across the country. The company follows a creed of producing honey in the most eco-friendly way by drawing nectar from wildflowers in fields tended by trusted beekeepers. Known as The Beesponsible Honey, Bee Harmony Honey is created from the harmony of bees and people. To show your honey pride, there are even infant and adult clothing options to pair with the honey.

Baked NYC
Multiple Locations

New Yorkers can satisfy their sweet tooth with a gift box from Baked NYC. The 12-year-old bakery, located in Tribeca and Red Hook, bakes all its product locally. People heading to one of their locations can pick up gift boxes with a selection of six brownies or eight cookies, including Peanut Butter brownies and Chocolate Chunk cookies. For out of towners, Baked NYC offers a variety of boxed baking mixes that can be shipped nationwide, including Double Lemon Buttermilk Loaf, Good Morning Coffee Cake and Double Chocolate Snack Cake.

2018 Krispy Kreme Wall Calendar

Foodies looking for more ways to enjoy a doughnut will want the 2018 Krispy Kreme Wall Calendar, which is full of 12 mouthwatering recipes. From a Monte Cristo sandwich to a berry coffee cake and ice cream sandwiches, the main ingredient of all the recipes are Krispy Kreme’s signature Glazed Cake Doughnuts. The easy-to-follow recipes are partnered with photos that will make any foodie’s month. Each month there are bonus coupons that can be used, which equals to over $100 in savings.

Epicurious Wines

One of the leading websites for food and recipes, Epicurious, ventured into the wine industry with Epicurious Wines. Ideal for the vino lover in your life, the affordable wines come in a robust Cabernet Sauvignon and a delicate Chardonnay. Coming from the Sonoma area of California, the wines are designed to elevate home dining. While it might to hard to figure out what wines pair with certain dishes, Epicurious Wines makes it easy for the culinary and wine enthusiast. Each bottle lists what dishes pair with the wine. For Chardonnay drinkers, they can pair the bottle with roast chicken, shrimp, caesar salad or fish tacos.

VDKA 6100

For the beverage enthusiast, New Yorkers cannot go wrong when giving VDKA 6100. The unique vodka is produced from seasonal cows’ whey in their natural environment of New Zealand. With aromas of salted caramels, fresh figs, bright citrus and earthy notes, the vodka is distilled three times and filtered through carbon to take away any impurities. The final step is blending it with natural spring water found in the most isolated parts of New Zealand.

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz

People looking for an adventurous drink for their foodie friend can gift them Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz. The libation is a blend of shiraz grapes and gin, which is one of the few naturally sweetened, colored and flavored spirits. Using shiraz grapes from the Yarra Valley in Australia, Four Pillars steeps the grapes in gin for eight weeks. The grapes are then pressed to release their remaining juices and is mixed into a vat creating the unique blend.

John Friia is a freelance journalist and native New Yorker writing about food, drinks and lifestyle. You can follow his adventures on Instagram.