HUNTINGTON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Hundreds of items, from toys to laundry detergent, were given away to Long Island families at a charity event held in a parking lot in Huntington on Sunday.

With a huge smile on his face, Elijah ran through his Christmas Eve haul.

“I got remote controlled cars, and Uno,” he told WCBS 880’s Mike Smeltz.

Grateful for what the charity Toys of Hope provided him, he thought about what it would be like if the toy drive didn’t exist.

“Well, it would be nice but it feels more complete coming here,” he said.

In the end it’s about more than the toys, of which there are piles and piles of. There was something for mom and dad too, which charity founder Melissa Doktofsky was happy to display.

“It’s like shopping,” she told WCBS 880. “We have it set up to really give them, make them feel special. They can pick out giftware, brand new clothes, brand new shoes, insane stuff. It’s beautiful.”

Doktofsky says events like Sunday’s is about making the whole family feel empowered and loved, and that Long Island supports them.


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