By Mark McIntyre

CBS2 Meteorologist/Weather Producer

It was a wintry cold day across the area… but nothing compared to the bitter blast in the days ahead! It’ll be a frigid night with temps in the teens & single digits area-wide…with wind chills for the northernmost ‘burbs dipping down WAY below 0. Bundle up, this is dangerous cold!

jl wind chill forecast 13 12/26 CBS2 Tuesday Evening Weather Headlines

Tomorrow will be an even colder day with temps yet again stuck in the teens & 20s despite ample sunshine. Breezy conditions will keep it feeling like the freezer all day. It’ll feel even colder tomorrow night as actual temps far north get closer to 0, with wind chills dipping to -15 to -20!

nu tu 7day auto8 12/26 CBS2 Tuesday Evening Weather Headlines

The cold sticks around through the end of the year with more of the same – highs in the teens & 20s, wind chills at or below 0. Some light snow is possible Friday & Saturday but still too early to tell specifics.

In the meantime dress for warmth and avoid being out in the cold for too long!