(CBS Local) — A selfie taken during Hurricane Irma turned a Gainesville police officer into the “Hot Cop.” Now an investigation into his social media activity has officially cost the officer his job.

Michael Hamill resigned from the Gainesville Police Department amid a probe into complaints that he posted anti-Semitic comments on Facebook and allegedly had sex with a woman while on duty. The department announced that Hamill resigned on Dec. 6, shortly before the officer was scheduled to be interviewed by an internal affairs board.

In September, Hamill was suspended with pay after complaints about the Facebook posts were brought against him. The offensive comments were reportedly made in 2011 and 2013; Hamill did not join Gainesville police until 2016.

Hamill’s superiors claim the nature of his comments affected Hamill’s ability to interact with the local community. The suspension came shortly after Hamill and two other officers posed for a selfie which quickly went viral and was shared over 270,000 times.

The scores of female fans commenting on the “hot cops” prompted the department to announce they were going to create a calendar featuring their attractive officers. The profits of the calendar were going to be used to help the community recover from the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Gainesville police did not reveal if the plans for the fundraising calendar were still on following Hamill’s suspension.

According to USA Today, investigators used GPS readings and text messages to uncover Hamill’s relationship with woman he was visiting while on duty. The woman reportedly told police the on-duty flings ended after she found out the “Hot Cop” was married.