NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Preparations are continuing for the big New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, where revelers will be faced with frigid temperatures.

It’s expected to be in the teens when the ball drops at midnight. Business is way up for those selling warm clothing with one vendor telling CBS2’s Lisa Rozner he’s sold hundreds of scarves, gloves and face masks in the last day.

“I’ve caught frostbite with two pairs of gloves,” Staten Island resident John Lopez said. “So yeah, it is kinda scary.”

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Some have come prepared.

“We’ve got our snow boots, we’ve got more layers to go on than we’ve got on at the moment and we had researched what were going to do,” said tourist Jill Hughes.

One man is working outside for the ball drop.

“Now we have insulated electronic vests that keep you warm,” he said.

The city says it will have emergency personnel on hand.

“As the ball drops, it’s gonna be somewhere in the vicinity of 12 and 15 degrees. That’s something people will have to prepare for, especially if they’re gonna be standing out there for 12 to 16 hours,” said Police Commissioner James O’Neill.

The city doesn’t believe the cold weather will deter crowds. Security is also expected to be tight for the big event.


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